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Adding Value to Your Home with Curtains and Blinds

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Spring is the top time to sell your home in Perth, with November and October the best months for listing your property according to recent research. As a homeowner, it’s easy to think no further than your own personal likes and dislikes when decorating but your chosen décor can influence a number of factors, especially when the time comes to sell. If you are considering putting your house on the market this season, we’re taking a close look at how curtains and blinds add value to your property.


With real estate prices constantly on the rise, homeowners search for ideas to further benefit their property. We know that a key way to add value is renovations, but they can be messy, costly and time consuming. Turning your eyes to the simpler things, like revamping your curtains and blinds can be a great alternative. Durable and stylish new window treatments not only make an impact, but they increase a home’s resale value significantly.

High Traffic Rooms

Areas like kitchens and living rooms are the busiest locations in the home making them the most profiled in style and presentation. Choosing wood plantation shutters over standard mini blinds are a much bigger investment for high traffic rooms and can be seen as furniture for your windows, making an impressive statement and therefore adding substantial value to your home.


Because plantation shutters are a permanent structure, they add to the décor of your interior, complement existing décor with its versatility, and add to the insulation of the room – making them a solid lifetime investment. Plantation Shutters and Blockout Roller Blinds are highly energy efficient, helping to reduce energy bills and are naturally child and pet friendly making them a popular choice in houses.

Curtains vs. Blinds

The two primary functions of curtains and blinds are privacy and light control. When decorating your home in preparation for selling, it’s important to take into consideration the purpose your curtains or blinds will serve, the room they will be in, colours, blackout lining options and energy saving properties as each decision can impact on your homes’ resale value.


Neutral colours show off your property to the best advantage and allows for flexibility with potential buyers likes and dislikes (but don’t feel you need to avoid colour completely, just be aware that the bolder the choice the less versatility it can have). Whilst sheer curtains are purely decorative, allowing larger amounts of light and less privacy, heavy curtains will block out almost 100% of light and the amount in the room can be easily adjusted by opening them. Curtains can be accented with padded pelmets to enhance a room and can act as a great focal point for a room’s décor.

Motorised blinds are a good way to add both convenience and value to your home and although it can be seen as added expense initially, they add significant resale value to the home. Motorised blinds are able to be opened or closed from the comfort of your seat at the push of a button, and can protect the interior of your home from the sun’s rays regardless of the angle. Because of its impressive visual impact of simultaneous operation and its ability to discourage burglars with timing functions while you’re away, it creates the ‘wow factor’ making it a great selling point for homes.


There is a growing popularity to combine both curtains and blinds to exhibit the ultimate of decoration and function, giving homeowners more control over the light without sacrificing beauty. This combination can suit both worlds when indecisive about what way to go, but because of the combined costs can be quite expensive.


Roman blinds make for a great alternative to this, giving you the luxurious appearance of draping curtains combined with the mechanisms of blinds. Because they vary from a classic timber plank look, to fabric style options they are incredibly adaptable for any room or purpose. There are no styling limitations with Roman blinds and they are still able to provide adequate sun blockage and room insulation proving to be fantastic for homeowners on the lookout to sell.


Most curtains and blinds have the same benefits of energy saving properties, privacy and function and it’s choosing the right style for your room’s purpose that ultimately boosts the investment opportunities for your home. Revitalising both the interior and exterior can be what makes your property stand out from the rest and ensure a significant return come selling day.


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