Somfy Motorised Curtains and Blinds Perth WA

The Somfy Home Automation range of motorised blinds and curtains has been designed to offer greater flexibility and convenience for you and your home. Imagine going to bed at night with blinds drawn for full privacy and waking up to rays of sunshine illuminating your living space, all preset to occur without you having to do a thing!

As a world leader in automation systems, CurtainWorld has proudly partnered with Somfy to offer an affordable range of control solutions to meet any requirement in the automation of window furnishings in the home or office. Somfy’s unique and stylish range of remote controls and Wi-Fi integration options provide users with the ultimate in convenience – all at the touch of a button.

Automated Curtains & Blinds

The environment we create within our homes and offices contributes significantly to health and well-being in our daily lives. Somfy automation systems enhance our living environments and wellbeing by adding convenience, safety, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

By choosing Somfy automated blinds and curtains, you maximise the functionality of your product and gain a much desired flexibility that is simply not possible with a manual system.

Electric Outdoor Blinds

The added sun, wind and rain protection provided by external sunscreens and blinds allows us to extend the living areas of our homes to the great outdoors. Apart from adding convenience and environmental efficiencies, Somfy motor and control systems quite simply make large blinds manageable.

By choosing a Somfy motorised outdoor roller blinds, you will maximise the functionality of your product and gain a much-desired flexibility that is simply not possible with a manual system. Why wrestle with a 5-metre-wide blind when a Somfy motor can handle it with ease?

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  1. Convenience

With the simple touch of a button you can move your blind or curtain to whatever position you like. You can also add sensors and timers, so your products work for you even when you’re not at home. The home automation solution, Somfy Connexoon, allows you to control your window coverings from your mobile device, no matter where you are in the world.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Reduce your energy usage by controlling the amount of heat and light entering your home. Keep your home cool in summer by reflecting the harsh heat of the sun but allow the sun in during winter to enjoy natural warmth and light

  1. Longer Lifespan

Manual operation can damage blinds and curtains through excessive force or improper use. Somfy’s smooth and controlled operation of blinds and curtains ensures both maximum functionality and a longer lifespan of the product

  1. Safety

Somfy automated blinds and curtains reduce the risk of any cord or chain dangers because the cords and chains are completely removed, providing peace of mind for you and a safer environment for your children

  1. Quiet and Discreet

Somfy’s world leading motors are fully concealed inside the tube of the blind. With the simple press of the remote control you will enjoy the ambience and impress your guests with a quiet and sophisticated automated system

Product Highlights

Sonesse – ultra quiet motors

Somfy offers world leading performance with the range of Sonesse ultra quiet motors. Part of the Somfy family of Blind motors the Sonesse motor uses patented technology to dampen noise and vibration to deliver a new standard in acoustic control. The Sonesse range is available in both wired technology and RTS radio technology motors.

Glydea – curtain motorisation

Somfy’s Glydea curtain motor system is quiet, discreet, flexible and robust to deliver the highest quality in automated curtains for any location. Designed with an adaptable operating system to suit the environment, you can choose to control your curtains via dry-contact, radio RTS technology or RS485 modules. Plus, the ‘Touch Motion’ feature will open or close the curtain simply by pulling on the fabric.

Sonesse 30 WireFree Li-ion RTS Battery Powered Solution

Offering the benefits of remote-control operation without the need for electrical connection, Somfy’s battery powered motors are the ideal solution for hard to reach blinds, when electrical connection is difficult or simply as your introduction to motorisation.

Connexoon Window RTS

Control your blinds, curtains, screens, roller shutters and RTS enabled lighting right from your smartphone, even when you’re away from home.

Allows control of up to 30 products or 30 groups of products, with the ability to set products on a timer and create up to 4 scenarios!

Situo RTS (1, 2 or 5 channel)

Allows control of one motor or a group of motors per channel.

Unique design available in a stylish range of colours including pure, silver, gold and rose gold.

If you’re looking for motorised blinds in Perth, at CurtainWorld, we can help you. Get in touch with our team today!