Custom Cellular Blinds

Effective and always sleek, our selection of cellular blinds make for both stylish and functional window treatments. Made from premium quality polyester fabric, these blinds create ambience and lift the look of your interiors. Our colour palette is second to none; hang an elegant neutral or make a statement with an accent colour. Pick your preference from our contemporary textures to add a dynamic dimension to your home.

  • Flexible Functionality

    Open them from the bottom up, from the top down or both. This unique product can be made to almost any specification.

  • Minialist or Statement

    The huge range of colours means these blinds can be used as a bold statement piece or barely even noticed.

  • Light Control

    Available in both blockout and light filtering materials or the combination of both. Take full control of the natural light in your room.

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Our cellular selection is not only classy but also clever. The cellular structure traps pockets of air, minimising heat transfer and providing innovative insulation. Available in 25mm or 38mm cell sizes, you can tailor to your purpose. Choose the control options to suit you from standard cord, cordless or clutch. Whatever the mechanism, they operate easily and efficiently.

Stay in control of the level of brightness in your room with our light filtering and screen blinds which diffuse and soften the light. Privacy promoting blockout blinds are brilliant for the daytime sleepers. The advantage of our dual day/night blinds is that they give you the ultimate flexibility of both light filtering and blockout options.

The window-hugging design means our cellular blinds give maximum coverage with minimal gap which makes for streamlined, clean and lovely looking dressings.