Custom Veri Shade Blinds

Elegant, versatile, safe and stylish, Veri Shade is the perfect blend of blind and curtain. Because they’re made from soft fabric with no weights or chains, they’re silent and safe for both kids and pets. You can also walk through them whether they’re open or closed. Fashioned from easy-care fabric that’s made up of individually replaceable pieces, these shades are washable and resistant to fading and soiling. Veri Shades shine in all environments; UV stabilised fabric keeps your furnishings free from fading, while the 50+ UV protection keeps you safe from the sun.

  • Sheer Curtains or Vertical Blinds

    These dual function blinds combine the elegance of sheer curtains with the privacy function of vertical blinds.

  • Tilt for Privacy

    A simple twist of the want and these sheers turn into individual light filtering slats. Still allowing in natural light, while retaining full privacy.

  • UV protection

    Dispite the soft sheer element, these blinds povide UV protection for you, your pets and your furniture.

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You control the light

Elegant and versatile alternating opaque folds are what make Veri Shades unique and offer you privacy. Turn the wand one way to block out the light and the outside world, turn towards the mesh fabric to let the light in, or, open the folds halfway for filtered light. To take advantage of full sunlight, draw your Veri Shades right back like curtains. For the ultimate in high-tech automation, there’s also a motorised option.

Stylish and understated

Light on space and big on impact, Veri Shades use a single track which takes up half the room that a traditional curtain requires. With a span of up to 5.5 metres and a range of shades, colours, fabrics and matching track options, there’s a Veri Shade to suit your style. To see how Veri Shades would look in your home or office, click here to use the online interactive visualiser.


Feel free to walk through your Veri Shades anywhere and not worry about getting tangled in cords or chains. The fabrics are also soil resistant and UV stabilised which means they're resistant to fading.