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Decorating Your Nursery – Curtains or Blinds?

Decorating a baby’s nursery is among the important and treasured steps that expectant parents take as they prepare to welcome a little one into their lives. For many parents, a considerable amount of time, effort and forethought is put into each decision regarding the nursery. Factors such as the style of the space are important, but many parents-to-be also consider safety and functionality when making decisions regarding baby room décor. One of the most common questions that many expecting parents ask is what type of window treatments are best for baby rooms. A number of factors must be considered to successfully answer this question.

The Ability to Control Light

Curtains and blinds may be considered to be decorative features, but they also are highly functional features. With curtains, the ability to control light is fairly limited.

For greater control of light entering the room roller blinds are the obvious option. Certain types of Roller Blinds can be adjusted so that light can filter up to the ceiling or down to the floor without casting direct sunlight onto the baby’s crib. Blockout roller blinds can create almost complete darkness in the space, which is ideal for naptimes. When it comes to being able to control light, blinds are often a more desirable option.


While curtains can be opened partially, this usually allows sunlight to flood the centre of the room. And while it is possible to choose curtains that darken or almost completely block out sunlight from the room, these are usually made from heavy, dark-coloured material, which is not the ideal style choice for a nursery.

The Overall Style in the Space

While blinds may win in the area of functionality, curtains are often preferred when style is a concern. At Curtain World we have a wide range of curtain fabrics and styles ideal for nurseries, in pastel shades and soft materials. We can also be custom-make curtains according to your preference.


While blockout roller blinds are ideal in terms of light control, there are also a host of different styles of blinds available to choose from, such as horizontal blinds, wood blinds, roman blinds and venetian blinds, and which are available in different colours and fabrics. However, many people still prefer the softness of fabric curtains in a baby’s room.

Safety Concerns

Another important factor that parents often consider relates to the child’s safety. A newborn will generally not be able to reach curtains or blinds, but babies develop quickly. Within a few months, little hands will be trying to grasp onto all objects within arm’s length, and there is a concern that blinds and curtains placed close to the crib or other areas where the baby may be can be a safety hazard. The fact is that both curtains and blinds can be grasped and pulled down, so it is best to keep the baby’s crib and changing area way from the window. Furthermore, curtains and blinds shouldn’t fall lower near the floor where the baby may be crawling if possible. We can also provide safety hooks for blind cords and curtain ties for extra peace of mind.

The Best of Both Worlds

Using blockout roller blinds with curtains may be the most ideal option. Roller blinds can be placed behind the curtains so that the soft, stylish look of curtains can enhance the ambiance. The roller blinds can add more functional control of the light in the space. This is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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