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Here Comes the Sun! New Window Trends for Spring

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Winter is on its way out and a bright, sunny spring is just around the corner. This is a great time to change the look of your home and take advantage of new opportunities that come with sunnier weather.

Think about your fabrics- during the winter heavier drapes can help keep the heat inside your house and create a warmer environment. During the spring season, however, you often don’t need more heat in your home and you might actually want to enjoy the sun. If that’s the case, then sheer curtains can help you enjoy the temperate spring climate and allow a little extra light in. Not only will the room be bright and airy, you can also keep the space warm naturally.

Traditional sheer curtains are white because it’s the colour that allows more light into the room. But white is not your only option; if you want to add extra personality you can also consider sheer blinds in a range of colours. Curtain World offers you sheer curtainsin shades of pale grey, mauve and even black for a more dramatic appeal. We also have patterned sheers with subtle stripes, nature-inspired leaf patterns (great for spring!), among others. One of our home consultants can hang each option in your window to help you make the perfect decision. Sheers allow you to mediate the amount of light in the space but also give that light a certain hue, which can often only be properly observed in person.


The downside to sheer curtains, if you want to call it that, is that they are transparent; they often work well in combination with a heavier drape if you’d like to have a bit more privacy or want to have the option of keeping the light out completely.

If you want complete privacy or complete darkness, block out curtains are just the thing. Make sure the fabric you pick is light yet completely opaque so you can ensure no undesired sunlight gets into the room. Solid colours can work well when it comes to highlighting certain assets of a room or if you’re looking for something that matches your furniture; patterned fabrics can give your curtains their own personality and bring attention to certain parts of the room. Darker patterns will bring out lighter items and vice versa, while items that are opposite in the colour wheel can create a very pleasant contrast when balanced properly.

For a healthy middle ground blinds are a great option. When open they allow a healthy amount of light into the room, and when closed they give you all the privacy you require.  Blinds come in many varieties and you’ll want to consider the rest of the room before making a choice. For a more organic look timber wood blinds look natural and contemporary. For a room that’s built around projecting images or watching television, mechanised blinds can help provide a very pleasant theatre atmosphere.

Spring is a time of renewal- the trees become green and flowers blossom once again; everything becomes brighter and shinier. Your home should not be the exception- let the light in and give the new season a warm welcome with new window coverings.


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