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The Sheer Truth: Everything you Need to Know about Sheer Curtains

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With summer almost upon us, it’s time to enjoy the warm breeze, the hot climate and welcome the sun into your home. Sheer curtains are a great way to make the most of the natural light and create a bright, soft, outdoorsy feeling, whilst maintaining that much needed privacy and protecting your home against intrusive insects and dust. They look effortlessly stylish in any home but also have so many additional benefits to them. Here, we’ve put together everything you need to know about sheer curtains and why they’re a beautiful choice for your home.  

Sheer curtains are an affordable, low maintenance choice 

Most sheer curtains are made of polyester, which is a very friendly and cost-effective fabric. Its synthetic makeup makes polyester curtains very easy to clean. Regular dust can simply be shaken out of them, and most stains can be washed out with just water and a mild detergent. This ease of cleaning makes them great for windows facing the outdoors. 

Have kids or pets? Sheer curtains will be your new best friend

Sheer curtains are also your best bet if you have pets or children. These kinds of curtains have great resilience and should be able to withstand daily use in an average household. They’re also quite resistant to elements like wind and moisture. 

Choose a flat coloured sheer curtain

When thinking about sheer curtains you’ll need to see how they complement the room they’ll be hanging in. A flat colour is an easy choice for any room, but you have to remember that the light that goes into the room will be filtered through the curtains, so if you use coloured curtains, you’ll get coloured light.

Keep in mind that flat colours are not the only option for sheer curtains. You can always browse our options and choose to implement a beautifully patterned sheer. A little variety goes a long way when it comes to giving the room a nice personality and feel. Not sure which hue of sheer curtain will look best in your room or home? We’ve got you covered. Our mobile showroom can visit your home, allowing you to see our range up close, pick the perfect colour, or see how the sheer curtain will look in each room 

Take additional layers of curtains into consideration 

You’ll also want to pay extra attention to the natural light in the room as you apply the finishing touches. Light is great but can be a bit of a nuisance if you’re trying to watch television, creating a strong glare on your screen. If that’s the case, you can always consider layering your sheer curtains and installing blockout curtains on certain walls. Creating flexible décor will help guarantee that your curtains not only serve their purpose but it will add more depth, and help keep the room comfortable and functional at all times. You want to be able to react to the elements and control the light shining in. 

Be inspired by our range

When it comes to sheer curtains, there so many options – the only limit is your creativity. Be inspired and explore our full range of sheer curtains online.  Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation or visit one of our showrooms today! 


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