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What Can Outdoor Blinds do for You?

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Living in such a beautiful climate, many of us are on a perpetual quest to bring the outdoors in. Especially with spring coming on, there’s no reason to shut ourselves away inside but we all do need to spend a certain amount of time at home. Creating a good outdoor living space (or spaces!) can ensure you’re able to enjoy the best of both worlds- the comfort of home and the fresh air.

As you may have seen, there are now outdoor living room sets that are just as comfortable as those found indoors. They’ve got the right cushioning, beautiful fabrics and textures but are made to withstand constant exposure to wind, sun, cold and rain. There are also outdoor cooking solutions that are every bit as convenient as the range in your kitchen and even your oven.

Right in line with this concept are outdoor blinds. As we continue to seek new and innovative ways to create outdoor living spaces we can actually ‘live’ in, one of the next logical steps is to help shield this space. It’s all about making it as comfortable as being indoors while highlighting the natural surroundings.


Outdoor blinds may sound like a bit of an oxymoron when you’re trying to enjoy those beautiful views, but you may be amazed at how much flexibility they offer.

Logically, outdoor blinds can shield you from the sun and wind. Lowering a blind when it gets a bit too warm can allow you to remain in your outdoor living space comfortably- there’s less worry about finishing lunch before it gets too hot, for example, or taking your book inside because the wind begins to blow.

Your blinds can also help give your outdoor living space an element of privacy. If you’re fortunate enough to have plenty of space this may not be an issue, but those of us with nearby neighbours may welcome the chance to enjoy a bit more seclusion outdoors. Stage a romantic candlelight dinner or just kick off your shoes and lay on your sofa in peace. With outdoor blinds you can enjoy your solitude.


Another benefit of having a blind you can lower is that they protect the space from the elements. Preserve your furniture and fixtures for longer by shielding them from dust, sand, burning sunlight and the harsh Western Australian winds and rain. There’s no reason your outdoor living area has to be purely bare-bones and functional. Have fun with your design, add a few special touches and create a barrier between the space and the harmful elements.

Blinds give you a way to regulate temperature even before it becomes an issue. If it’s chilly outside, step out onto your terrace or garden living space and lower your blinds to block the wind. If it’s already hot just lower your blinds to keep the space as shady as possible. Being able to regulate the temperature and control the amount of light you let in also helps you create a comfortable growing space for your plants that don’t like direct sunlight.


If you’re remodelling an older home or just want to give an older family home a facelift, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that outdoor blinds make an excellent alternative to automatic arm awnings. Bring new life to your outdoor space with blinds with no buckles, straps or cords. Our Genuine Ziptrak range is modern, functional and very safe even around kids and pets.

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