Down To Earth: Spring Trends For Blinds & Curtains

Spring 2018 is all about celebrating everything earthy and warm. Goodbye millennial pink, rose gold, and florals; Hello rust, terracotta, clay, and muddy pinks. These beautiful colours bring a sense of relaxation and zen to any room they’re styled in.

With winter in our rear view mirror, we need to start thinking about spring, our beautiful Perth weather, and what our yearly interior decorating overhaul looks like. We are swapping out pops of colour, shiny opulence and bling, and letting the warmth of calm earthy tones wash over the space.

Warm rustic colours – exclusive to CurtainWorld

Spring is both warm and cool, and a healthy middle ground option is needed to allow the cool air through, but maintain warmth. Think rustic, tropical or moroccan inspired rooms with beautiful textures of organic grains such as beautiful wood grains, and watermarks and recycled timber paired to complement your warm earthy curtains.

Grainy textured colours – exclusive to CurtainWorld

Traditional sheer curtains are white because it’s the colour that allows more light into the room.

But white is not your only option; if you want to add extra personality you can also consider sheer blinds in a range of colours. CurtainWorld offers you sheer curtains in shades of pale grey, mauve and even black for a more dramatic appeal. We also have patterned sheers with subtle stripes, natural organic patterns (great for spring!), among others. One of our home consultants can hang each option in your window to help you make the perfect decision. Sheers allow you to mediate the amount of light in the space but also give that light a certain hue, which can often only be properly observed in person.

Complement sheer textured curtains with wood grain furniture for the perfect Spring 2018 look

Pair sheer curtains with a heavier drape for the cooler nights, and also if you’d like to have a bit more privacy or want to have the option of keeping the light out completely.

Spring is a time of renewal – the earth becomes deeper and the raw power of mother nature blossoms once again; everything becomes deeper and richer. Your home should not be the exception – let the light in and give the new season a warm welcome with new window coverings.


Our style consultants will come to you and bring fabric samples, measure your windows and offer advice.