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How to Prevent and Remove Bathroom Mould, Naturally

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Winter isn’t our favourite time of year – although we spend the blistering summer months hoping for a cold break or wishing on the winter rains, when they do finally arrive it’s is nothing short of depressing.

Whilst we are grateful for the rains to make are gardens green again, to keep some of the sand and dust down and to freshen up our otherwise sun-baked city – after a couple of weeks we are all waiting for the sun to come back out.

The damp and rainy season doesn’t only bring winter blues – our poor homes have to adapt and cope with the weather and temperature change too. As the days get colder you’re more likely to leave the windows closed in your bathroom which can encourage problems such as damn and mould.


Our outdoor furniture and any leaky windows can also be problematic areas during this time of year. No one wants mould in their home – regardless of how it looks and the lingering damp smell that can be hard to shift, mould is toxic and can be harmful for your family and your pets.

The easiest way to control mould is to stop it as soon as it appears or to apply prevention techniques to help keep it from occurring in the first place. However those of us with young children and pets in the home can feel uncomfortable using chemicals and possibly toxic substances to remove the mould.

White wine vinegar is your best friend when it comes to cleaning and preventing the mould from reappearing – a 100% natural fix. The liquid won’t leave any harsh chemical smells or be harmful for your family and pets to breathe in and you mould problem will be over!

Remember; – using PVC blinds in the bathroom can also help to prevent mould and mildew forming – fabrics and wood can warp and absorb moisture even when treated.

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