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How to install venetian blinds

Follow these instructions to learn how to install your new vertical blinds. Installing venetian blinds couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the guides below and contact the CurtainWorld service team if you have any problems.

Some things to note:

  • Please check that all parts have been supplied before you begin to assemble your new Custom Venetian Blind.
  • Ensure that the blind is mounted level for correct operation.

1. Position your blind

As per your order, determine the correct fitting location for your mounting brackets and mark where you are going to install them.

The brackets offer three methods of fixing:

  1. Top fix the brackets to the top of the recess
  2. Face fix them onto a wall or window frame, or
  3. Side fix them onto the sides of the recess

Whichever method you choose be sure to check that the brackets are fitted far enough forward so they’ll clear any handles or obstructions from the window.

2. Mount your brackets

The mounting brackets should be fitted 6mm past each end of the headrail, to ensure the headbox can fit within the brackets.

Align the top of the centre support bracket with the top of the mounting bracket and mark the positions for the screws.

Mount the bracket using the provided screws using pre-drilled holes if required.

3. Attach the blind

Inside Mount:

Hook the valance clips onto the headrail before inserting it into the brackets.

Push the headrail into the brackets, then press the gate down until it clicks to close the brackets.

To attach the valance, gently guide the bottom lip of the valance clip into the groove at the back side of the valance. Now exert pressure on the front side of valance, where the valance clip will be attached at its back side, so the top lip & bottom lip are squeeze thoroughly inside the groove at the backside of valance.

Outside Mount:

Push the headrail into the brackets, then press the gate down until it clicks to close the brackets.

Attach the valance clips to the valance.

Insert the valance return clip into the groove at each end of valance and the valance return.

Then hook the valance clip with valance attached onto the top of the headrail.

4. Install Child Safety Cleat

Cord cleats must be installed to comply with Regulations.

The cleats must be installed at least 1600mm above floor level, because a child is capable of unwinding a cord from a cleat.
Fasten the cleats to the wall using the screws provided. Do not use tape or glue to attach the cleats.

Note: the cord must be wrapped around the cord cleat to prevent child strangulation. The cord must not form a loop longer than 220mm, and should be wound entirely around the cleat.

5. Install Hold Down Brackets (optional)

The use of hold down brackets is recommended for additional child safety but is not a requirement for the normal functioning of the blind.

Using the screws provided, attach the base of the hold down bracket to the window facing or sill. Additional fixing can also be fitted through the side of the bracket (where suitable). Snap bracket pin ends into the holes in the ends of the bottom rail.

To Operate the Blind:

Important – always tilt the slats horizontally before raising or lowering the blind.

This will extend the life of the blind, and makes the movement easier and smoother.

Raising: Pull the cord downward until the blind reaches the desired height; release the cord, and the blind will lock automatically.

Lowering: Hold the cord at eye level and move it to the left, pulling down gently until the cord lock releases. Allow the cord to pass through until the blind reaches the desired level. Move the cord to the right and release, and the blind will lock automatically.

Tilting: Pull either tilt cord downwards to attain desired slat position. Pull other cord downwards to tilt in opposite direction


Adjust Safety Cord Stop

To reduce the risk of strangulation to infants and toddlers, position safety cord stops before using the blind.

Install blind according to the directions provided, making sure the headrail is securely fastened. Lower the blind to the maximum desired length, and lock the cords in place.

Measure the distance from the headrail to the cord stops. If the cord stops are 25 to 50mm below the headrail, no further adjustment is needed. Your blind is ready to use.

If cord stops ARE NOT 25 to 50mm below the headrail, loosen (but do not untie) the knot surrounding the cord stop.

Push both the cord stop and the loosened knot toward the headrail until the cord stop is 25 to 50mm below the headrail. Hold the cord stop in place and pull firmly on the cord to retighten the knot. Repeat steps 2, 3 & 4 for each cord stop.

How to Adjust Pull Cord Length / Reassemble Breakaway Tassel

Our blind comes equipped with a breakaway tassel that prevents child strangulation. Should the breakaway tassel come apart, please refer to Step 4.

NOTE : To reassemble the breakaway tassel refer to Step 4, otherwise proceed with Step 1 to adjust pull cord lengths.

  1. After determining the desired height of the breakaway tassel, open the breakaway tassel.
  2. Raise the breakaway tassel to the desired height and tie the knot to each pull cord end.

NOTE : make sure all pull cord lengths is even before proceeding.

  1. Cut excess pull cords, beneath knots, using scissors.
  2. Place pull cords into grooves and snap breakaway tassels together to close.
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