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How to install roller blinds (Retractable Pin)

Follow these instructions to learn how to install your new roller blinds. Installing roller couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the guides below and contact the CurtainWorld service team if you have any problems.

Some things to note:

  • Please check that all parts have been supplied before you begin to assemble your new Roller Blind.
  • Do not unroll the blind until it is fully installed.
  • The finished blind width is from the outside of the left bracket to the outside of the right bracket.
  • Ensure that the blind is mounted level for correct operation.

1. Positioning your blind

As per your order, determine the correct fitting location for your mounting brackets and mark where you are going to install them.

The brackets offer three methods of fixing:

  • Top fix the brackets to the top of the recess
  • Face fix them onto a wall or window frame
  • Side fix them onto the sides of the recess


Whichever method you choose be sure to check that the brackets are fitted far enough forward so they’ll clear any handles or obstructions from the window.

2. Install the mounting brackets

Place the Control Bracket (Chain side) in the desired location and if necessary pre-drill two holes.

Secure the bracket with provided screws.

Repeat this process for the Idle Bracket.

3. Attach blind to brackets

Insert the chain side into the control bracket first.

Carefully secure the pin end of the blind into the idle bracket by sliding it through the ‘gate’ of the bracket.


Gently push the blind upwards until it clicks into place.

3. Operating the blind

Using the chain, draw the blind up and down several times to ensure the blind operates correctly.

4. Attach Child safety device

Secure the child safety device to the wall beside the blind, ensuring the chain is not too tight, as this may restrict smooth operation.


5. How to remove your blind

Ensure the blind is fully rolled up.

Turn the clear plastic wheel on the idle side of the blind (this will only turn one way) until there is a click indicating the pin is fully retracted.


You will now be able to remove the blind completely from the bracket. Release the pin so as not to damage the mechanism.


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