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Window blinds are both aesthetically pleasing and functional – they complement a room seamlessly while reducing heat, glare and maintaining privacy. Whether your updating existing blinds or purchasing new ones, the impact they can make on your home is significant.

However, buying blinds is not as simple as it sounds. Before a decision can be made there are many factors to consider from design, colour and size. Your blinds should be thought of as an investment – so selecting the right design suitable for your home is crucial. Here are few points to get you started.


Consider the room where the blinds will be installed and the mood you want to create. The living room is usually the first room people walk into so choosing blinds that are warm and inviting is best. Roman blinds are a fantastic option for homeowners that love the look of curtains, but the convenience and mechanisms of blinds whilst vertical blinds can be a simple solution and a great for large windows.

For the kitchen, it’s important to choose blinds that can be cleaned easily. Venetian blinds are easy to maintain and stain resistant. Light and privacy can be controlled effortlessly and they are versatile enough to match existing décor.

The bedroom should be reserved for blinds that encourage sleep by blocking out light and sun. Keeping the room at a regular temperature is also important for good sleeping patterns so consider something that can help regulate this like blockout roller blinds. Brighter coloured blinds will make the room appear larger but be sure create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation.


Some blinds let in a lot of light, while others will cut it off almost completely – so what exactly do you want to achieve with them? Knowing the purpose your blinds will serve can narrow down the choices and help decide what works best.

Motorised blinds offer flexibility and ease from the comfort of your chair, so can be helpful for the elderly or restricted residents. Shift workers may require blinds that are most effective for blocking out the sun, or homeowners living in countries that suffer from harsh weather conditions will opt for sunscreen roller blinds.

There are many kinds of interior blind nowadays and because it’s a purchase you’ll only make very occasionally, its purpose needs to be strongly considered.


Generally, blinds come in two styles; solid and slatted. Solid blinds are made from a single sheet of fabric, for example roller blinds, and are normally more durable and provide better coverage.

Slatted blinds on the other hand are made from several strips of material that are tied together, commonly known as venetian blinds. Because they can be rotated by twisting a control rod or pulling a cord they give you more control over the amount of light entering the room. Once the room and purpose have been decided upon, the style of your blinds should be easy to determine.


Deciding on the colour of your new blinds can be as exciting and time consuming as picking new couches and décor. It doesn’t have to be stressful though, it’s essential though to understand that colour is more than a matter of style and design. You want something that is versatile enough to fit with your current style, whilst adding a little personality and charm to the area.

For windows that are exposed to direct sunlight, darker coloured blinds will work best but can make smaller rooms appear even smaller.

For adventurous homeowners or those with children, fun and bright colours can always create an entertaining ambience or be the focal point for a room. Because repainting an entire room can be costly, refreshing a tired looking area with blinds can be the perfect, adaptable solution.


The selections of materials are extensive from soft to solid, flexible fabrics and slatted. The general climate in your area needs to be closely considered in order to pick the best material for your blinds.

Areas exposed to excessive heat will suit roller and outdoor blinds, whilst cooler places would do well with wooden blinds.

Energy Saving Properties

With utility prices soaring through the roof, finding ways to cut costs in the home has never been so necessary. A great advantage of blinds is that they can act as strong insulator, so their energy saving properties are can help the strain on your wallet – particularly in Perth and other cities that suffer from very hot summers and cold, wet winters.

Look for blinds that reflect the heat in summer and insulate the room in winter. For rooms that use a lot of light, consider blinds that give you more control with illumination so you are using less electricity.

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