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Curtain and Blind Style Trends for Autumn/Winter 2014

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As the staleness of summer begins to disappear, so do the old and outdated trends of design. The leaves are turning and the seasons are changing, bringing with them a whole new range of design styles, ideas and trends. Autumn is up first, followed by winter and it is time to change a few things around the house, including your curtains and blinds. 2014 is bringing with it all kinds of new and brilliant style ideals that are sure to give your home the new and fresh facelift it needs.

Colours and Styles

Neutrals or Colours?

The blandness of neutral is old and very much a thing of 2013. The Pantone Colour of the Year has been signalled as Radiant Orchid, a vibrant and luscious pink. Pinks of all shades are used sparingly in interior design, most probably because people are just too scared to take the risk. Not this year. Designers around the world are embracing Radiant Orchid in all aspects of design. Be bold and give this great colour a place in your home with statement colour curtains.

Indigo blue is also on the rise as being a popular choice for 2014. Blues are a great way to add an element of coolness and classiness to your home. Indigo is a rich colour that will immediately add a sense of depth and luxury to your home. Even if you accent this colour into your curtains and blinds, it is still a fantastic choice.

Pair White Curtains with Bold Blinds

Classic white curtains are still a fashionable statement for 2014. They are a guaranteed success and pizazz can be added by throwing splashes of colour into a room. You can pair your white curtains with colourful blinds, or even make daring colour choices in the trimmings of your curtains. All shades of grey are also being used, in blinds and curtains, in order to create a very sleek and sophisticated feel in your home. If fuchsia pink and indigo blue intimidate you, go for the more basic colours that will ease your home into the new seasons.

Floral is Back!

Designers are also calling on floral print as a design style must have for 2014. Floral has been off the scene for a few years, being predominantly associated with bad style decisions made in the 80’s. This is definitely not the case anymore and floral has come back with gusto, being used not only in curtaining, but also with fabric blinds. If you want your curtains to remain somewhat plain and neutral, give your windows a bit of an edge by using floral fabric blinds.

A Bold Statement: Mis-Matched Blinds

Combining different coloured blinds in the same room is also a great way to accent your house as well as to add depth of colour. It no doubt adds a certain richness and feel to your home so if you are brave, try using different colours in your blinds.

Adding Winter Warmth

In terms of the changing seasons and your curtains, you can add some warmth and elegance by adding padded pelmets and curtain headings. This will frame your windows and curtains beautifully and are a definite must for 2014.


Winter Curtain Fabrics

Luxury is the name of the game this season and the time is here to add to your sheer curtains with layers of rich, thick and fabulous materials. Warm and comfortable fabrics are being used a lot more this year, as they not only add a luxurious style to a room, but these energy efficient fabrics also work great to keep cold draughts out.

Welcome Autumn with Timber Tones

In terms of blinds, last year’s trend of white, basic and practical blind application is out. The natural look and feel of wood is a great way to enter Autumn and this can be accomplished by having exposed wood grains in your blinds, using bamboo, timber, wood or even faux wood. Timber Venetian blinds are a definite and if wood doesn’t take your fancy, the trends suggest that sheer shades and fabrics are also a great way to go. You can tone down your luxurious and curvaceous curtaining by taking this option.

Be Lazy on Cozy Days

Considering that summer is fizzling out, bringing with it the coolness of autumn and winter, peeling yourself away from the comfort of the fire and your couch to go and close the curtains and blinds just seems unnecessary. Why not give your home that extra edge and install remote controlled blinds and curtains?

So, with a new year upon us, and new seasons approaching, the time has never been better to tackle your home’s design needs. The new styles and trends are fabulous and will make a facelift in your home effortless and easy.


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