Trick or treat?

Don’t be shy to go above and beyond this Halloween by dressing up your house to make it the scariest on the street.

It’s the scariest time of the year when five-foot ghosts and goblins roam the streets in search of a sugar fix that will keep them up past their usual bedtime.

Halloween is a great time to flex your creative muscles and turn your house into the most haunted on the street.

Here are a few tips and ‘tricks’ to spooking up your home that will ensure kids will line up around the block for goodies.

  1. Scare up your front porch

This is the first thing that will attract trick or treaters to your house. Don’t be scared to set the scene with carved pumpkins, lanterns, oversized bats and spiders and webbing.

A little imagination along with cheap craft supplies can achieve a really spooky scene.

  1. Creepify your windows

Give the front of your windows a menacing makeover by stenciling a Halloween design. Roller blinds are a great way to then diffuse the indoor light to showcase your creation to the street.

  1. Light it up

Decorate your front porch or hallway with candles and eerie lighting. Placing lamps on the floor can create spooky shadows on your roof.

  1. Daunting draperies

Tattered draperies can be made from cotton fibres used in bandages and cheesecloth. It will add an atmosphere to your front porch or a doorway and that is cheap and easy.

  1. Bloodcurdling bats

A pair of scissors and some black cardboard is all you need to turn your front trees into a haunting bat display. Simply cut them out and tie them to your tree branches with some thread.

Have fun making your house haunted this Halloween. Just don’t forget the lollies!



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