Ready-Made Curtains vs. Custom Designed – The Pros and Cons

We take a look at the pros and cons of both ready made curtains & custom curtains to help you decide what is the best option for your needs.

The windows in a home are one of the most significant features when it comes to making a design statement in a room. The right window treatment can make a room appear larger or emphasise and compliment the rest of the room or the window itself.

For most people, creating your own personal dream haven and a home with classiness is a must. Showing your windows some love is a perfect place to start. But with such a wide selection available it can be hard to find what suits your home, personal preferences and budget.

Whilst many homeowners enjoy the freedom of custom designed to create a style that matches exactly what they need, others can find what they want in ready-made curtains. We take a look a few things to look out for when deciding.

How fast do you need them?

Homeowners who opt for ready-made curtains are usually drawn to the convenience. In most cases, ready-made curtains provide a quick and easy solution to window treatments and can change the look of a space in just a few hours. Custom designed on the other hand will require some time to complete once you’ve chosen your preferred style and fabric. For most this this is fine – good things come to those who wait, so a few extra days will give you curtains that will perfectly fit your room.

However, the convenience of ready-made curtains can be tempting, if you’ve left it to the last minute to decide on your curtains and you have guests coming to see your new home or refurbished room that day!

Can you get the look you want?

Ready-made curtains come in a huge variety of fabric types, colours and designs, so if you look far and wide enough you may well be able to find the exact style you’re searching for. However, if you have an unusual requirement, like a window seat, or your windows are not a standard width or height, then you will most likely run into problems. While ready-made curtains do come in some varying sizes, they mostly stick to a standard fit, meaning narrower or wider windows will require curtain alterations – compromising the quality and design of the curtains.

Custom made curtains and blinds for small windows
Custom Curtains ensure the right fit for all small or unusual sized windows

If you’re after curtains with a little more flair or more artistically draped, it will pay off opt for custom curtains. Decorations like valances, pelmets, tails and tiebacks can also be added to your custom design for extra personality.

Are you getting value for money?

Budget is usually the number one priority with any home improvement scheme and dressing up your windows is no different. We all want the highest quality, for the cheapest price. Economically, ready-made curtains are less costly than custom designed since they’re produced in bulk, so if you’re on a hairline budget then these are your best bet. However – as with any bulk-produced item, this can also mean a compromise on attention to detail and quality materials.

Quality materials for custom made curtains
High quality materials are used for custom made curtains

When opting for custom-designed curtains, you’re paying experts to create something that is unique to your home, using master craftsmanship and bespoke design. The additional cost associated with custom-design is almost always worthwhile in the long-run. Higher-quality fabrics and workmanship mean your curtains will stand the test of time, while ready-made curtains will often fray or fade quicker, requiring more regular replacement. In effect, you get what you pay for.

Are the measurements precise?

Ready-made curtains will be produced to fit the most popular window size and shape on the market. Therefore, the dimension options will likely fit your window if you have a standard home. However, your windows might be a few inches wider or a foot higher from the ground than usual windows, so make sure to bring your measurements along when you’re curtain shopping.

Custom curtain designers on the other hand will usually come to your home before they begin in order to measure every dimension of your window area. This means you will get optimum privacy, with no light escaping into your room from unwanted gaps between curtains.

Quality materials for custom made curtains
Seamless and perfectly measured custom made curtains

Your Home, Your Choice

Generally speaking, ready-made curtains can provide a convenient option if your budget is tight and you’re in a hurry to get something up asap with less emphasis on perfectly matching your furnishings or choosing something that will last a long time.

If you’d prefer to spend a little more time and money to find something that will provide your room with a lasting and unique design, then custom curtains are for you.

At Curtain World we offer a wide range of headings and fabrics for you to choose from. We can then custom fit your chosen style to perfectly fit your room and your window, leaving you with a beautifully tailored and bespoke product that will give you optimum privacy and style. To book a free in-home consultation fill out a form today.


Our style consultants will come to you and bring fabric samples, measure your windows and offer advice.