Meet inspiring Alessia

Sometimes you stumble across a customer who just brightens up your day. Alessia is a very special little girl that did just that.

Every now and then we stumble across exceptionally special customers.

And the Acquarola family certainly meets that description.

Alessia Acquarola is an 11-year-old girl born with a very rare chromosomal condition called Pallister-Killian Syndrome (PKS).

It’s so rare in fact that there are only 20 recorded cases in Australia.

Alessia is both vision and hearing impaired and struggles with low muscle tone which requires special compression garments.

Despite the obvious challenges, Alessia’s mother Terzita Acquarola says they love the joy she brings to the family.

“She’s a happy little girl with the best giggle. She’s very ticklish and loves being in the outdoors in the sun,” Ms Terzita said.

“She has the best big brother and she loves him to bits. They have a very special bond and it’s very special to see.”

The Acquarola’s have since started a foundation called PKS Foundation of Australia, which is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at generating awareness about the disorder and supporting kids and families of those affected to achieve a better quality of life.

So touched by the family was CurtainWorld sales representative Angela that she took the initiative to start up a fundraising page to help buy a pool hoist for Alessia so she can enjoy pool time with the family.

“Special needs equipment is very expensive and it’s a necessity for us to enjoy normal family life,” Ms Terzita said.

To learn more about PKS or if you’d like to donate click here.




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