Where to Buy Bedroom Blinds in Perth

If you’re a Perth local looking for bedroom blinds – here’s what you need to know.

Bedroom blinds: types

Whether you’re living in a house or apartment, selecting the blinds best suited to your boudoir, is a daunting decision. By the time you consider colour, style, functionality and cost – you’ve got a lot to process.

If your bedroom windows need added smart and cosy – roman blinds could measure up. Amplify the sophistication with roman blinds that rise lightly into a softly-folded pelmet – perfectly framing your window. When raised, you get an uninterrupted view outside, and when lowered, they leave your room in complete privacy. Because versatility is the name of their game, you can modify to a mix of levels, based on the amount of light and seclusion you need.

Bedroom Roman Blind

Roller blinds offer another excellent option for your bedroom. Just select your choice of colours and fabrics for a blockout roller blind that caters to your space.

As the name suggests, the benefit of blockout roller blinds is that they block out outside light, which lets you choose the level of brightness best suited to you and your room. This is a major plus if you’ve got sleepy shift workers or babies at home who need to zzzzzz during the day.

These smart blinds are purpose-designed to help you regulate your bedroom temperature. Built to trap warmth during winter, they also keep things cool in winter – just roll them down to keep the solar rays at bay. At the same time, blockout blinds make sure you and your home interiors stay safe from UV damage.

Bedroom Roller Blind 


Bedroom blinds: where

Curtain World provides a wide range of roller and roman blinds in Perth. We offer superior products in both the fabric and colour of your choice. Pop into our Malaga showroom, or visit us online.

Experience matters. Curtain World has been making curtains and roller blinds since 1974. When you deal with us, you’re dealing with a trusted and respected family business.

Where can I get roller blinds made?

If you’re a Perth local looking for custom roller blinds – here’s what you need to know.

Make your windows wonderful and lift the aesthetics and elegance of your rooms with our made-to-measure roller blinds. CurtainWorld’s custom rollers bring you more privacy, better light-control and take the look of your windows to the next level.

When it comes to fabrics and colours, you’re spoilt for choice. Our tailor-made blinds are be specifically crafted to complement the particulars of your place. Let our brilliant blinds put the finishing touch on the look of any room by adding an accessory to your furniture and making your pieces ‘pop.’

From blockout roller blinds, to sunscreen roller blinds, and venetians to vertical blinds – CurtainWorld Perth has a big range of blinds for all your rooms and settings.

Roller blinds: made to measure

Windows can do wonders for the overall look and feel of your rooms; make a strong statement with the blinds you chose. Matching the right blind to the right room can make your space look larger and bring your place to life.

Even though custom-designed roller blinds take a little longer to make – they’re well worth it. While ready-made versions will do the job, if you can spare the time it takes to craft custom blinds, the difference is always astounding.

Made-to-measure rollers can complete any room. Whether you’re looking to amp up your style, accentuate with custom colours or dress windows that are outside the standard width or height, these custom options are the way to go.

When you opt for custom-designed blinds, the extra cost is buying you artisanship. Later down the line, you’ll be glad you opted to pay the extra amount for premium-quality fabrics and expertise that guarantee your window dressings will go the distance in both durability and style.

Roller blinds: where?

Curtain World provides a wide range of roller blinds to fit any room and any budget. Don’t go on a wild goose chase to source superior products; visit our Malaga showroom, or find us online.

Experience matters. CurtainWorld has been making curtains and roller blinds since 1974. When you deal with us, you’re dealing with a trusted and respected family business.