SQUID® Unique Window Dressing

SQUID® is innovative, stylish, easily installed and the perfect way to dress your uniquely shaped window. It's a lightweight material that doesn't require any fixtures or fittings, so you can install it yourself on tricky windows that can't fit a curtain or blind. The versatile fabric has a similar look to a frosted window and it's powerful yet delicate fabric can keep out some of the heat generated in hotter months. The self-adhesive and transparent textile is amazingly private, allowing you to look outside during the day, but also restricting people from being able to look in. SQUID® is brand new to Australia and stocked exclusively in Western Australia by CurtainWorld.

  • Versatile

    SQUID® can be cut and customised to any size or shape, so it's a perfect solution for unique windows.

  • Easy to install

    With no fixings or fittings, installation is a sinch and something you can even do yourself. But don't worry, we're here to help if you need professional assistance.

  • Sun-resistant

    If your windows are exposed to strong sunshine or humidity then SQUID® is an ideal solution to help keep you cooler.

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Private yet transparent

SQUID® offers privacy without hindering your view of the outside world, making it perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and offices. The transparent fabric also means you can still make the most of the beautiful natural light from outside. Enjoy your privacy and your view at the same time.

Minimalist look

This window dressing takes a minimalist approach that can suit any kind of room and match any kind of interior decore. The fabric is woven with polyester and very easy to clean. Colours range from Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash and Rock and can be a perfect accompaniment to existing curtains and blinds.

Sun reflector

SQUID® has been shown to reduce internal temperatures by at least 3°C, which can make a huge difference in the hotter months. The fabric adhesive holds true against direct heat and humidity without causing any damage to your windows. It can be fixed to roof windows, sliding doors, conservatories and more.